Creative Workshops for Teachers
To build an understanding within teachers how they can use creativity in their teaching.
Using creativity motivates students to learn better, helps their retention and allows them to keep their natural creativity for their futures.

The workshop uses a, ‘Learning by doing’ approach. Attendees complete tasks and activities that require creative thinking and the use of the arts, mechanics and music to build their comprehension of what can be achieved and how they can achieve. Most importantly, how they can build creative exercises in to their own teaching to help their students.

Joel’s creative workshops use the results of 4 European funded projects that have used the arts, music and mechanics as cross-curricular tools. The tasks used in the workshops build creativity, engagement and self-regulated, autonomous learning, collaboration and group scaffolding.

These projects were designed for primary and secondary students but are perfect for building the confidence that teachers need, to replicate.

Technical details

Workshops can be full (6 hours, 3 hours or 1 hour depending on requirements) it is recommended that there are a maximum of 20 attendees.
Workshops are designed for all levels of teachers and any subject specialty. Language is English.

Equipment,  resources and space will be defined in detail depending on the exact workshop.
Expenses (if required) will include tourist class airfare, all transfers, subsistence and a daily rate irrespective of the length of the workshop.


Evaluation of the 'Pelikan Active Learning System'

The Pelican Active Learning System is interesting and effective because of its content and quality, but primarily as it is learner focused. The reason that this has been developed by Pelikan is that their school must respond to the personal, professional, academic and learning factors of its myriad students that are mainly adults learners that must to balance their careers, families and learning needs.

The System is based on proven pedagogies but also from the Pelikan schools successful international projects, these projects include: Don’t Give Up, PopuLLar, Web2Learn, aPLaNet, VIDEOforALL, Multilingual Families, Pools3. The experience Pelikan gained from their work in these high level projects resulted in understanding how creativity and the arts can be used as effective and innovative teaching methodologies. The means that the projects were developed were also very helpful insights in to how to effectively incorporate new ideas in to the teaching process.

Why is the System Effective?
The main effectiveness of the system is the focus on challenges that the learners face. These influence how the system is run on a day to day basis and are especially important to the learners as it states clearly that they are at the centre of the process and their needs come first.

The challenges that Pelikan have identified are very recognisable in the adult learning world:

• Difficulties in regular attendance
• Motivation
• Failure to finish out of school assignments
• Progress failure

Solutions have been found for each of these challenges creating a responsiveness that is at the heart of the system. All other aspects of the learning matrix are run from the challenges so that the learners and the environment they learn within is adapted and adaptable to their needs. The content and the tools used to deliver content have been built to respond to this paradigm. The Pelikan system inherently anticipates possible issues so they can be dealt with before they impact negatively on the learner.

Homework is always problematic but in an adult course, mandatory. Online spaces are prepared for the students and they are shown how they can use them effectively. These include tools such as Facebook or Skype that have the potential for partner, peer or group learning. In addition, video is a fundamental media used in almost all homework, as well as links to content that can enhance the learning object.

Integrating a real world social aspect in to the learning helps make the learning more real and is also an added value for immigrants/refugees. These can include comedy, news, politics and the local and wider community.

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